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Ashley Zeldin is an independent video game developer in Los Angeles.

A two-time Women in Gaming Awards nominee (Ambassador 2014, Rising Star 2013), Ashley advocates for diversity in games, helping others break into the games industry, fostering the expression of marginalized voices and exploring the spectrum of work-life balance. She has presented her passions at games industry conferences from San Francisco to Seattle, Montpellier (France) to Melbourne (Australia).

Ashley co-founded Adorkable Games with her partner, John Nesky, in 2012. She is the creative director (translation: designer, producer, writer, part-time programmer, often artist and sometimes composer).

Ashley also coordinates efforts to reunify and reenergize the Los Angeles game development community. Ashley was elected to the board of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers Association in September 2013, and directs events for game developers, students and enthusiasts to share with and learn from each other. 

She transitioned from journalism and public relations into the video game industry in 2011.

Please find her resume on the Experience page.

Contact Ashley via email at ashley [dot] zeldin [at] gmail [dot] com.